RRG is the world’s leading provider of enterprise-wide lease audit and cost control solutions.

Our Story

We believed there was material value in in-depth, sustainable portfolio compliance. In parallel, we also understood that capturing real-time, granular level data and intrinsic operating knowledge of portfolios would drive savings, cost accountability and portfolio optimization. RRG was founded to explore these two avenues in an attempt to revolutionize how real estate portfolios were viewed, maintained and leveraged.

The engine that was designed to achieve these objectives was a model built on the premise of Enterprise Lease Auditing™. A process driven audit approach to auditing the operating costs associated with a given lease portfolio which is intended to deliberately and continually identify, analyze and assess real estate portfolio economics at an enterprise-wide scale. Real estate portfolios are dynamic, business driven platforms that invariably are one of an organization’s largest costs of doing business. Our idea was to develop and utilize proprietary programs, at scale, to distinctly focus on addressing this significant cost segment and provide services that supported accurate, equitable, compliant treatment and governance of this material cost expenditure for our clients.

Started in Washington, DC, RRG has expanded its service capabilities globally to keep pace with client demand. This growth trajectory has correlated to a broad-based experience profile with access to valuable expertise, strategies and techniques, relationships, data, and outcomes which enable us to craft compelling solutions that deliver success regardless of requirement complexity and intricacy. Our specialization has driven our ability to continually refine our enterprise-wide lease audit and cost containment systems to address the unique objectives of our diverse private and public sector client base.

We embrace the marriage of data, cost control and compliance as the gateway to portfolio optimization. We will always remain dedicated to delivering our services in a manner that will always yield both immediate and long term value for clients.

Our mission is to change the way organizations think about corporate real estate and occupancy costs by providing innovative solutions that deliver value, transparency, control and compliance through the highest level of real estate accounting, auditing and advisory services.

At A Glance

RRG is uniquely positioned to service any organization anywhere in the world.

Since inception, we have been providing leading edge lease auditing, consulting and advisory services to world’s most discerning organizations. RRG platforms from its industry defining compliance programs to leverage cost savings, accountability, audit data, portfolio transparency and control delivering consistent value for our clients. For close to 20 years, RRG has has been successfully delivering its innovative services across six continents and over six thousand unique cities globally.

We are at the forefront of the industry have led its development through innovation and demonstrating unrivaled successes at the highest professional levels. We value our role as a critical partner and are committed to continuing to expand our station as the world leader of enterprise lease audit and cost control solutions.

Some of the differentiating factors that embody RRG and define us and our service model globally are as follows:

- Specialization, independence and a singular cost containment focus
- Dedication to delivering lease audit solutions
- Unrivaled industry experience
- Global breadth and depth of proven service delivery
- Customized, operation specific technology platforms designed and developed by RRG, accelerating success and enhancing data capture and analytics
- Unparalleled lease audit scope, experience and savings generation successes
- Enterprise-centric with no conflicts of interest (exclusive tenant representation)
- Seasoned, focused career professionals enabling RRG’s culture of collaboration and innovation
- Industry leading audit techniques, systems and strategies delivered by the most highly skilled and trained lease audit professionals in the world
- Commitment to frictionless service delivery and enhancing tenant/landlord relationships
- Principal involvement overlay in every engagement undertaken

Service Delivery Metrics


Enterprise Service Delivery

Reflects the percentage of services delivered and work performed by RRG where audit campaigns are developed, implemented and maintained across a client partners’ entire enterprises.


Global Market Coverage

RRG’s delivers its services in the majority of major business markets globally. This comprehensive level of coverage accelerates every segment of audit campaign success.


Industry Experience

RRG’s services generate material, sustainable value regardless of industry. We have operated within and built programs across the majority of known, prominent industries.



Our standard is to only represent tenants globally thus avoiding costly conflicts of interest, program delays, fragmented strategies and overall campaign effectiveness.


RRG is committed to revolutionizing the real estate industry. We are always committed to our clients, our people and to achieving exceptional results in everything we undertake. We will continue to remain committed to furtherance of our unique, lease audit and cost control solutions through thought leadership, adherence to the highest degrees of professionalism and ethical standards, and continued collaborative relationships with corporate and government leaders across the globe. Simply put, we are committed to delivering our differentiated services in a manner that reshapes organizations and propels them to operate optimally.

Our vision is to empower organizations through insight, knowledge and data to revolutionize real estate compliance and governance.

Quality Standards and Protocols

RRG has instituted quality control measures at every stage of our processes, and our process guidelines govern each step of our unique systems. There are stringent approval processes in place for all procedures, commencing with initial information gathering and continuing through the closure and resolution processes. We track communication, correspondence, update systems, work product, response time, process milestones, information cycling, data collection, cycle times and aging schedules. Our process controls guarantee that all services meet established requirements and are being performed in accordance with our strict standards. Additionally, we have numerous operational company-wide Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) that are tracked to guide and gauge our productivity as an organization. We monitor and assesses a significant number of these metrics both internally and externally to measure performance efficiency, and ensure consistent work product.

Client Profile

Our clients are smart. Our clients are sophisticated, disciplined organizations looking for material ways to impact, and oftentimes transform, their diverse, global operations. RRG’s services have and continue to benefit well known leaders of industry and difference makers throughout the private and public sectors.

RRG has been built upon the core values of honesty, transparency, integrity and professionalism.

Our People

The strength of RRG is derived from the diversity of backgrounds and disciplines represented by the professionals in our firm. The vast scope of talent, knowledge and expertise allows RRG to customize teams able to address and satisfy all of a client’s audit and cost containment concerns. It is this specialization and collaboration that ensures quality and satisfactory outcomes for every engagement undertaken.

Jarrod M. Patten

Mr. Patten founded and runs global real estate advisory firm RRG and has served as the president and chief executive officer since inception in 1996.


Mr. Patten oversees an operation with service delivery spanning over 50 unique countries and 6,000 unique cities globally. RRG has offices throughout the world and is headquartered in Washington, DC.

RRG is credited with the concept of Enterprise Lease Auditing™ a model created to address the spend inefficiencies inherent to complex, dynamic and expansive global real estate portfolios. RRG’s cost containment programs allow any organization to layer customized, real estate-centric audit programs across its global operating footprint in an effort to ensure cost compliance, accelerate value accretion and achieve portfolio optimization.

Through programmatic, recurring audits, RRG’s proprietary systems analyze extensive volumes of disparate operating trends, fragmented financial information and expense data sets to identify, support and model cost pass through inconsistencies and non-compliance. Through such formulaic analysis of generally unavailable, granular level operating and occupancy data, RRG is able to generate material, sustainable cost savings through the recovery of funds across all real estate cost segments including, but not limited to spend across office, data center, wireless, warehouse, distribution and logistics portfolios.

Synthesized properly audit results become actionable and the harnessed baseline data and insight leveraged to fashion strategy, support compliance initiatives and enhance governance.


Mr. Patten is involved in the implementation of customized and industry leading strategic initiatives designed to align global corporate strategies, improve the effectiveness of controls and increase operational efficiencies. These solutions have increased transparency and extended cost accountability across a diverse array of enterprise client organizations.

Mr. Patten was fundamental in the creation of the resources, analytical tools, techniques and standards and process protocols utilized by RRG in providing its audit, due diligence, SEC reporting, merger and acquisition, data center optimization, training and transaction advisory service lines. RRG’s diverse client base spans industries including telecommunications, technology, data center, aerospace, defense, management consulting, accounting, pharmaceuticals, distribution, insurance, automotive, energy, oil and gas, biotechnology, retail, healthcare, computer, department stores, information technology, consumer products, call centers, investment banking, retail, apparel, software, imaging, securities, education, television, energy, brokerage, banking, automotive, consulting, publishing, retail, education, medical technology, media, law, logistics, newspaper, music, entertainment, electronics, logistics, manufacturing and financial services.

Mr. Patten’s professional career has been dedicated to the development and execution of real estate and technology management solutions that heighten operational controls, lower operating costs and deliver sustainable cost savings to users of space worldwide.

Mr. Patten’s leadership, foresight and expertise have been critical drivers in the delivery of billions of dollars in value to diverse, leading-edge organizations globally.


Mr. Patten serves on public, private and non-profit boards. He, and his wife Tara, are involved in civic and philanthropic activities through their foundation, The Patten Foundation, established to give back to impactful causes focused on youth development, advancement and education. Mr. Patten graduated Duke University from the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences in 1994.

Andrew U. Chukwura

Mr. Chukwura is a founder, managing principal and chief audit officer of RRG and has served as its global lease audit lead since 1996.


Mr. Chukwura is involved in the executive management of RRG with a focus on the design, development and implementation of the global lease audit campaign strategies, cost control solutions, processes and best practices employed in RRG’s Enterprise Lease Auditing™ model.

Mr. Chukwura provides professional and technical management and direction of RRG’s global lease audit delivery. He serves as a technical resource to RRG clients on a wide array of real estate, accounting and auditing matters, and is frequently called upon as an expert in lease audit matters. Mr. Chukwura has been critical to the growth and success of RRG’s global lease audit service delivery due to his intimate knowledge of lease auditing, real estate accounting and operational processes.

Mr. Chukwura developed the RRG Audit Grid™ system, an intricate and dynamic interrelationship of a location’s Lease Profile™, costs, history and other parameters used to identify audit areas of concern and design lease audit strategies. Mr. Chukwura is involved in the development and implementation of the training and testing programs used in the training and educational development of RRG’s auditors and for obtaining the Certified Lease Auditor® designation.


Mr. Chukwura has performed, directed and managed thousands of lease audits since RRG’s founding. He played a pivotal and critical role in the creation of RRG’s strict audit standards and control measures which continue to dictate and govern RRG’s lease audit procedures. He helped develop the audit work plan used for the planning and determination of the nature, extent and direction of the lease audit procedures applied during a given lease audit. He was instrumental in the design and development of the detailed reporting mechanisms used by RRG, including the creation of RRG resources, analytical tools, techniques, standards and processes.

Prior to RRG’s founding, Mr. Chukwura was an audit manager for a CPA firm and a financial controller for a retail chain where he performed his first lease audit in 1994.


Mr. Chukwura is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Lease Auditor®. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Biochemistry from the University of Lagos and a M.Sc. degree in Accounting and Information Technology from the University of Maryland. Mr. Chukwura has served as president, executive officer, board member and committee chair in non-profit charity organizations. He has also served as a statistics tutor in the University of Maryland school system. Mr. Chukwura is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, CoreNet Global – Mid-Atlantic Region and Phi Kappa Phi academic honor society.

Shadi H. Zamer

Shadi H. Zamer joined RRG in 2006 in the corporate headquarters office and is currently Managing Director.


Mr. Zamer oversees the development, implementation and management of RRG’s enterprise-wide lease audit and cost control solutions and holds a leadership role in campaigns which generate tens of millions of dollars in annual cost savings for clients. Mr. Zamer is responsible for enterprise campaign and client relationship management across the Americas, European and Asia Pacific operating theaters for clients including industry leaders in telecommunications, internet technology, finance, logistics, business services, insurance, energy, defense, media, and banking as well as public sector institutions.


Mr. Zamer plays a critical role in the continued development of RRG’s analytical tools, systems and processes including customized technologies and platforms designed to deliver accelerated value for RRG’s clients. As a principal of the firm, Mr. Zamer oversees operations and executive level management of business processes and internal initiatives including operating and strategic partnerships across six field offices and headquarters. Mr. Zamer has orchestrated innovative solutions for many of the most recognizable names in business, capturing hundreds of thousands of critical data sets across major markets in more than 50 countries globally.


Mr. Zamer holds a B.A from George Washington University’s Elliot School of International Affairs in Washington, DC and is an active member of numerous local and national real estate industry organizations.

Corporate Citizenship

As the industry leader, we embrace our professional responsibility to demonstrate the highest levels of service, professionalism, ethics, integrity, and corporate responsibility. This understanding has shaped every aspect of our development and history, has become an integral component of our identity and will guide and define our future.

Environmental Stewardship

RRG recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship, the protection of our shared environment and resources, and the value of sound environmental management. As a committed corporate citizen, RRG has created and implemented a corporate environmental policy dedicated to the continued implementation and improvement of environmental best practices in our operations. RRG’s goal is the development and continued implementation of demonstrable environmental management and conservation including energy and emissions management, raw materials use and waste reduction, environmental awareness education, and compliance and non-governmental engagement. RRG recognizes that a healthy, sustainable environment is critical to the future success of our business and society, and has integrated the components of this environmental policy into its long term business strategies. RRG believes the achievement of its sustainability goals including carbon neutrality, reducing use, emissions and waste, and raising environmental awareness among its employees and the community will contribute its futures success.

RRG’s policy details our policies and actions intended to articulate its commitment to the environment through sustainable business practices and continued stewardship. We are committed to continual evaluation of our practices, programs and environmental initiatives. We continually seek the feedback and suggestions of our employees, partners, clients and community in the development of additional practices that may enhance RRG’s presence as a responsible corporate citizen dedicated to improving our communities and environment.

RRG Foundation

The RRG Foundation was borne out of a desire to give back to the communities where RRG’s employees live and work. We are dedicated and operate alongside many local, regional, national and international charitable organizations as part of our ongoing initiatives to to do our part in making the world a better place.


RRG’s strategic and organic growth is a product of our commitment to keep pace with client demands.


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