Since inception, our lease audit and cost containment systems have been developed and refined to provide broad avenues through which to see, harness and interpret trends in both data and operating methodology in order to optimize portfolio structure, economics and compliance.

Lease Audit Services

RRG’s model was developed solely to provide enterprise-wide lease audit services and has been refined to support any desired audit model, portfolio size or portfolio type. Our unparalleled experience includes nearly two decades of global service delivery and affords our clients the ability to design and implement the most effective, efficient and impactful lease audit solutions.

Our comprehensive programs are calibrated to deliver both immediate and long term value through sustainable solutions. As the global lease audit leader, we continually innovate and refine our enterprise-wide programs to address the unique objectives of our diverse private and public sector client base to delivery clarity, control and compliance in the ever changing real estate environment.


Advisory Services

Designed to add additional value beyond expense recovery and compliance, RRG’s consulting and advisory services are a proven, trusted resource for our client partners.

Grounded in the experience, knowledge, vision and expertise derived from the performance of more lease audits than anyone else in the world, each ancillary service provides additional process leverage to enhance cost controls and increase the overall effectiveness of our cost reduction strategies.

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