Advisory Services

Our advisory services leverage unmatched lease audit, operating expense and cost structure negotiation experience to unlock value far beyond expense recovery and compliance.


Created to service our diverse clients’ needs for expert assistance, support and advisory throughout various stages of the complex commercial real estate lifecycle, RRG’s consulting and advisory services are a proven, trusted resource for our client partners. Grounded in the experience, knowledge, vision and expertise derived from the performance of more lease audits than anyone in the world, each ancillary service provides additional process leverage to enhance cost controls and increase the overall effectiveness of our cost reduction strategies.

From expert transaction advisory and cost structure language analysis, interpretation and drafting to on-site traditional learning and training seminars designed to accelerate effectiveness of our clients’ internal teams, RRG provides the highest-level value-add consulting services designed to deliver resolution to our clients’ most complex challenges.

Transaction Advisory Services

RRG complements the work being performed by our clients’ transaction teams and their legal teams through expert advisory services. Through analysis of lease cost provisions being negotiated, re-negotiated, renewed, extended or modified by our clients, we identify how cost language is likely to be interpreted by landlords, property managers or asset managers based on our extensive lease audit and cost containment experience. We utilize our unmatched knowledge and experience base to proactively structure provisions to strengthen cost protection metrics of the leases, increase fiscal efficiency and implement front-end controls to protect against predicted, future overcharges. RRG understands the complexities of the lease negotiation environment and evaluates the dynamic influencing factors to ensure aligned objectives are recognized and enhanced. We focus on areas that will have a sustainable impact on the lease economics, no matter how finite, to ensure measurable financial benefit is realized through term.

Dispute Resolution Management Services

RRG supports organizations in managing the dispute resolution process relating to outstanding legacy expense concerns and/or audit claims. Often, legitimate concerns, identified overcharges or audit claims and the related resolution processes erode for reasons within the control of the organization or its initial service provider. In other instances, due to complexity, securing resolution of a disputed matter may require the utmost, situation or issue specific experience to achieve. We platform from our experience and specialization to deconstruct audit histories, evaluate potential recovery components and validate claims. Based on our analysis, scenario-specific strategies are developed and implemented to address and drive the closure of outstanding audit concerns. RRG’s comprehensive service takes into consideration all associated economic and non-economic factors, allowing client partners to maximize the results of the audit process, provide additional cost structure transparency and enhance landlord relationships.

Our consulting and advisory services designed to enhance cost controls and extend the value and benefit of RRG’s core services.

Lease, Operating Expense, and Lease Audit Education Services

RRG designs traditional learning systems formulated to address the specific needs of each client partner. We consider broad-based awareness and knowledge the foundation for a successful cost containment strategy. We tailor our learning programs to address client needs, and to deliver the educational training systems and resources their staff and management desire in order to enhance the effectiveness of their real estate teams. Our training is directed toward marketplace trends and conditions, expense and tax fundamentals, benchmarking, building mechanics, operating data, code issues, law changes, legal precedents, case studies, document structure strategy, standardization platforms and technology. The comprehensive approach delivers insight and actionable data in a format easily adopted and translated into heighted corporate accountability and enhanced cost controls.

We have witnessed countless iterations of commonly encountered real estate and operating expense related challenges and disputes, and possess the proven expertise and strategies required to secure resolution to even the most complex scenarios.

Rent Commitment Analysis Services

RRG analyzes all rental streams to proactively detail, document and trend immediate and future rent and additional rent obligations. Our programs provide enhanced understanding that assists corporations with their real estate exposure reporting requirements to internal groups, shareholders and/or the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). We will provide a detailed compilation model of baseline and additional rent commitments that catalogues all rental data and documents the rental exposure and liability inherent within the portfolio.

Abstracting Services

RRG systematically abstracts and summarizes the core elements, strengths and weaknesses of lease portfolios for mergers, acquisitions, lease administration uploads, data validation projects and lease audit campaign transitions. The reviews are comprehensive and the outputs are customized to a given client’s programming and/or reporting requirements. Our knowledge, experience and perspective provide a unique foundation from which the abstracts are performed. This combination allows for accelerated program timelines and unparalleled portfolio transparency.

Validation Services

RRG develops, implements and manages the process of reviewing and validating the critical terms of estoppel certificates, SNDAs, lease and rent commencement letters, sublease and assignment agreements and termination agreements. RRG coordinates between in-house legal, external legal, finance, real estate, lease administration and transaction teams to ensure that each document reflects accurate, consistent and complete information. These documents are critical to supporting transaction economics and providing legal protection to all associated parties.

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